I have decided not to promise I will blog every week because……..well I just can’t seem to get it done. I do enjoy being in the NOW and this last week I allowed myself to focus only on the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai.

Writing is a solo activity when you are in the creative arena. SO when an extreme extrovert like myself is offered the possibility of speaking on a talk show (after getting make up and hair done just like rock stars!!), doing a live radio show, giving multiple interviews for local newspapers and magazines, not to mention presenting my novel at the Festival’s Women’s Forum, and lecturing at a local school…………… I’m THERE!!

This has been a whirl wind month and I have enjoyed every minute of each day. As I return to a normal routine, I appreciate even more the excitement and encouragement of my circle of support. I do believe in order to succeed AT ANYTHING we need to feel strong, capable, and confident. This ‘stance’ is made easier when you have friends and family who believe in you and continue to place those “Of course you can do this” messages in our brains so when we feel insecure, wobbly, fearful we have voices other than our own to sustain us. It’s Neuro Linguisitic Programming with a loving familiar voice to keep me positive.

Funny, I just hit three of the last sub themes without intending to. I have been in the now…………I have been sustained by my dear and loving family and friends …………and they helped me to stay positive. It is a great formula.