Women's Heritage Walk

Our next adventure begins in Pune, Maharashtra, India 5-11 February 2023!
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Women's Heritage Walk is adapting

For the near future, WHW is adopting a virtual platform.
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An Inspirational journey in the footsteps of our ancestors

The Women’s Heritage Walk is a celebration of strength, individual and community wellness, learning, and cultural acceptance.  It is rooted in the belief that we have inside ourselves the skills and knowledge to develop our best lives. These transformational journeys recreate ancestral walks taken by women across the globes and over the ages.

Cherish the past to embrace the future

The Women’s Heritage Walk is a global trek honoring the strength and endurance of women worldwide. Today, expatriate women accompany local ladies as they retrace the footsteps of their ancestors. This experience is an observation of the past and an invitation to shape a more vibrant future.

Challenge yourself with this life changing trek and experience the remarkable cultural diversity and sisterhood of the Women’s Heritage Walk.

The Global Walks over The Years

2015 – 2022




“This experience surprised me and created a battle within myself between pushing on and giving up. The best thing about it has been meeting the most wonderful people, as challenges such as this show people as they truly are. I experienced so much care, inspiration, and friendship from this group of incredible women.”

Fatima Omar

UAE National

“I am so honored to have walked such a historical journey. Although time erased the ancestors’ footprints in the sand, we are following the footprints engraved in the hearts of this incredible nation. Thank you to the Emiratis who welcomed me into such a personal part of their history and heritage, and thank you to the Women’s Heritage Walk team for this amazing experience. Never to be forgotten!”

Celeste Strydom Evans

South African Citizen