As we look forward to the beginning of a new year, our natural inclination is to both contemplate the past and look toward the future. This is an opportunity to begin fresh and try to be our best self. By recognizing this inertia we can harness it for use now or at a time when we need it. Please remember, “Those on top of the mountain did not fall there.”
I love sets of three so let’s go with 3 recommendations for promoting and sustaining change this year.
1. Think of the pen as a magical wand, write your visions and visit them daily.

To achieve a goal we must first envision it, take steps to move toward it, resolve to keep moving when we get frustrated and push to propel ourselves forward, Please begin by congratulating yourselves. Two months ago you embarked on a journey of CHANGE but change is not the right term. I prefer “metamorphosis” because transformation is an evolving process. And each increment can be huge. Think of yourself as in a constant state of metamorphosis. EVEN doing nothing is a decision and alters us from one minute to the next. Be aware, know this is true then you can begin to shape your future next year more actively.

Goals, aspirations, and the journey we embark upon are multi-layered. One change creates a rippling effect moving you down the path of your intentions. Nurture hope and question yourself when dreams start to fade.

2. Be grateful. Recognize your strengths and how well they serve you.

Gratefulness changes your view of the world. The atmosphere around you refines, your body takes notice and begins to calm, tensions lower, and we increase our ability to live more fully in the here and now.

Think about the good things that happen when you are calmer and more present. JUST SAYIN. I am certain there are things for which you are grateful. On some days it may be small things, but evident when you look. Our brains are programmed to look for a threat to protect us, so you might need to dig a little deeper. It will be worth the effort to you and those in your world.

Make grateful an action verb today…and every day. create an atmosphere surrounding you that says, “Come closer, let’s share, have fun, and genuinely CONNECT with me.”

3. Surround yourself with positive people and be entirely who you are with them.

Because we have lived a number of years, we have bruises and scars. If we accept this as true for ourselves, an act of kindness is to afford this knowledge to everyone. We tend to hide the scars, but they are what make us human and vulnerable. The humanity of people reassures and comforts me. We are all ‘damaged’ in some way and those altered parts are tender. If we add the, “treat others as you would like to be treated,” adage, interactions become kinder and serve to bring us closer and create more genuine bonds.

When people can be exactly who they are and feel respected and accepted, they generally are lighter and more positive. Without having to make all the effort to be what people want me to be OR assume I am, space opens up for new and wonderful things to happen. The world fills in open spaces but not those crammed full – there’s no room. Think of shedding all you do not need in yourself (i.e. guilt) and in your surroundings (i.e. clutter).

I love being loved, dents and all. I can be more peaceful around people who know all the parts of me, I don’t need to fake anything. I can be calm and my mind is more available to them when I am not busy hiding.

I wish you all a peaceful, joyful new year filled with positive visions, sustained effort, calm assurances, close connections to self and others (dents and all), and gratefulness.