27 January 2014 NOW THAT WAS F-U-N!! Sort of, well at a minimum it was educational in so many ways that it became F-U-N.

This adventure to the Wahibi Sands of Oman taught me many lessons. The first being to stay in the moment; a lesson I have learned and relearned throughout my life. The training and the anticipation had been as much fun as the walk and I skipped right over that. I know that living in the NOW contributes to my well being and happiness, but it is difficult to stay in the now when preparing for an event in the future. So I embrace AGAIN this vital truth.

I was reminded from the team the essential PRIMAL craving within us all for CONNECTION and how families in all their imperfections meet our needs PERFECTLY. I am trying to embrace those things which bring me closer to those I love and let go and leave behind those ideas, thoughts and feelings which cause me to disengage. Forgiveness is an essential vehicle in this process.

I was reminded that the strength of my mind can overcome the weaknesses of my body. As I age, my body had appeared to be failing me and I accepted this as a natural process. I am happy to know I can push my body to STILL perform and hope by doing this it will remain as strong as possible and not be the reason I stagnate and forgo the pleasures of sport. Remaining active in life is critical to maintaining the lifestyle I envision for myself. “You can’ t be a sissy to grow old,” my grandmother would remind us. She also told us to, “Laugh and laugh and laugh, it helps the process.” Humor was her best medicine.

I struggled to keep my mind positive and not focus on the aches and pains which come with a more extreme endeavor ——- I recall thinking dang, “Daily life can seem like an extreme endeavor from time to time.” I hope to be able to take my mind away from the petty, inconsequential, tedious and sometimes hurtful minutia and remained focused on trying to be my better self. All these ideas flooded my mind and I knew they were my most enduring truths.

My better self? Well, she is kind, thoughtful, understanding, connected at the heart to those dear and even those not so dear. She is healthy, strong, joyful, forgiving, determined, persistent and never takes herself to seriously. She is never all these things at once. When she fails, she tries to laugh at herself from her belly.

On this trek I heard the voice of a friend I was with on a long trek in the mountains around Garmisch. Dean Reed would grin and remind us all, “No whining allowed, just keep moving!” She thought she was being funny – and she was – I thought she was just wise.