We are ten weeks from the beginning of the 2018 Women’s Heritage Walk. Most of you have been training for a few months now and will be feeling and seeing changes in your bodies and in your overall wellbeing. Congratulations! Time and again I have reiterated sustainable change occurs over time – specifically around the three-month mark. These last ten weeks are critical in this process……. WALK ON LADIES. Keep moving toward your goal. It is during these periods of time when you would rather sleep in, cut corners or just take a short break (which can turn into a long break). Making the more difficult choice to continue training or even increase your training are the moments when perseverance, tenacity and persistence are engrained.

During this season of remembrance, love, peace, and merry making. I hope you are cradled in the love of family and neighbors. I wish each of you the acceptance of kind and dear friends, and your hearts are touched by the joy of laughter. My most fervent wish is these endure throughout the year.

All the best Sand Sisters. I hope to walk with you soon. I will return on the 25th of February.