Gratefulness can change your view of the world. The word “gratitude” might be the more correct word choice, but I prefer “gratefulness”. Just after an expression of gratefulness, the atmosphere around us alters, then our bodies take notice and begin to calm, tensions lower, and we increase our ability to be present. 

Think about the good things that happen when you are calmer and more present. JUST SAYIN. I am certain there are things for which you are grateful. On some days it may be small things, but they are there when you look for them. Our brains are programmed to look for threats, so you might need to dig a little deeper. It will be worth the effort to you and those in your world. 

Make grateful an action verb today ……..and begin “gratefuling” every day. It creates an atmosphere around you that says, “Come closer, let’s share, have fun, and CONNECT with me.”