I make more mistakes than the average person, lots and lots of them in fact. As a creative, artistic, emotional, and intuitive person, I am constantly flooded with ideas and strong urges. Urges that tell me DO, HELP, INFORM, CREATE, EMOTE, and to HUG people even those who might feel slightly uncomfortable (don’t worry, I do self-regulate).

Lucky for me I know how to pick myself up when I fall down and keep moving forward. This, I believe, is what allows me to maintain close connections and constantly develop and redefine my best life.

WHY do you ask? I believe it is because I allow myself to be imperfect and never allow fear to overwhelm me. My suggestions to you as you prepare to embark on this challenging, life-changing journey include:

Embrace ALL of you.

Laugh at imperfections, it makes you more accessible because you are REAL.

Open your mind to EVERY possibility (the alternative is to limit or diminish yourself).

Connect with others – understanding and empathy are built in proximity

Maintain an “I am interesting and lovable” mantra. The only person you need to impress is yourself!

Push your limits in all areas. Get out of your comfort zone to expand your mind.

Choose carefully the people you allow into your life – you are influenced by those around you. Try to make them genuine, active, interesting and interested.

Please don’t’ fall into the trap of thinking you need to be “happy-happy” all the time. This only leads to more sadness and self-blaming (by the way: it’s not possible. Suffering with insight = growth)

Keep your body strong but flexible by keeping your mind strong but flexible. You’re doing that now by committing to this training and adventure.

ENJOY THE PROCESS. If you have started training, you are already reaping the benefits of:

Strengthening your body

Pushing your limits

Connecting to fascinating women – you are one

Finding peace

Searching for answers

Releasing tons of natural anti-depressants

Working HARD for yourself

Having F U N