Motivation Belief System

By Jody Ballard

At Christmas my husband and I would ask the children,  “Do you believe?” It was a fun way to reve up the children. Toady as I sit and ponder the issue of motivation – something I do with New Year’s resolutions along with the predictable disappointment of goals sloughed off and abandoned in 2 -3 -4 weeks. I know by appointment calendar will be filled with this angst and self loathing by the first of February.

“Do you believe?” is a question asked of people to better understand their value system or to better understand deeper more core principals.

“Do you believe?” in me  /  in our marriage  / in our cause  / in our leaders  / in our faith  / in in in in?

 Todays fast paced world doesn’t allow for the philosophical discussions that get at the essence of who we are.  Sadly, it just cannot be done in 161 characters.  When asked to assess a situation at a deeper level, I was told recently, “I don’t see the value in that question.” Well the value is to get to know people better at a deeper level and to discover what they believe in. It is a bit uncomfortable to clearly state your values and I purpose most people do not know what they are.

Why wax on about belief systems? And how does this relate to motivation and sticking to your goals?  The goals we set for ourselves are saturated in our ideals of ourselves – our best selves if you will. AND grounded in our values and beliefs.  In example:

2019 Goals

  1. Spend more time with the children = I value family and believe being a good parent is a moral obligation.
  2. Get in better physical shape… better, sleep more =  I value good health and believe taking good care of my body might allow me to live longer.
  3. Write that novel = I value education and believe as I age it’s important to educated and inspire our youth =  legacy.
  4. Volunteer at the soup kitchen = I value and appreciate my good fortune and believe it is a morale imperative to help those less fortunate.

Well you get the idea. When we slow our lives down, our intelligent brain gravitates toward these questions. Please allow yourself to go there. Welcome the questions and clarify the answers. This gives a deeper meaning to your actions and helps to keep you moving toward those goals = MOTIVATION.

On a more practical note:

  1. Create goals that are attainable.
  2. State them clearly and track your progress
  3. Break these goals into smaller ones you can attain more easily.
  5. Write down the messages you tell yourself around these goals and determine if they are helpful. Declare your intentions to friends and family and let them help you.
  6. Be kind to yourself (rewards systems are great) and when you slip (and you will) begin anew tomorrow. Persistence is the most valued trait of highly successful people.

Tomorrow is a new day! Never give up on yourself and the things you hold dear (VALUES).  Those ideals are the essence of who you are. (BELIEFS) Strive for them.  Be your BEST SELF in this New Year. “You are what you choose to become,” Carl Jung.