My 84-year-old mother just started her first Yoga class. Her most significant issue was, “What do I wear?” Lucky for her, she had a costume designer granddaughter to guide her with the clothing dilemma and she arrived ready for the first day of class. She had been resisting any kind of exercise with all the valid and not so valid excuses until she just stated feeling……. OLD! During her first class, she noticed she was by far the oldest but not the only elderly lady.

Her naturally competitive nature took over and she began to make mental notes of strength, flexibility and endurance. “Not doing so badly, Jody,” she reported. We are now in her third week and she sees incremental improvements –  a reward system for her and this is quickly becoming a fun social outlet. She also, “feels more relaxed,” after each session. WIN, WIN, WIN.

We do slow down as we age, can’t always remember where we put the car keys or if we paid the electric bill, but our bodies still need to MOVE to function well. It’s never too late to get healthier. She has reminded me that taking on new adventures keeps us young at heart. You can always figure out the obstacles or do a work around. Her 95-year-old boyfriend is inspired and has started MOVING IT on his stationary bicycle. He knows he has to kick it in to keep up with his young arm candy!

The FITBIT, GARMIN movement monitors are the craze these days because everyone knows YOU’VE GOT TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT. We SLEEP better, process food more efficiently, our hearts beat a little faster moving all those toxins through our body and OUT, all our organs do their jobs, and we feel better in general (LOVE those natural endorphins!!)

I CONGRATULATE the women who took the courage to sign up for the 4th annual Women’s Heritage Walk who are now in their third week of training.  Many of the 25 Ex-Pat ladies are over the age of 45. For most, this will be their first time walking in the desert, first time walking 125 kilometers over 6 days and for some, their first-time camping!  I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone ……. there’s a whole world of fascinating, challenging life adventures you CAN do. Cross to the other side and imagine yourself doing all the things you thought you couldn’t do!  Find an adventure and JUST MOVE IT, MOVE IT.

FYI, my mother also started drinking Kombucha at her grandson’s advice. GO MOM, I am excited to see what’s next.